Got Questions?


Terms and Conditions

The paintings, drawings and photos in Art Santala are made and signed by Riitta Santala-Köykkä. They include 10 % of Finnish value added tax (VAT). This store is managed by the artist’s own company, the registration number of which is Finland 2876963-9 (FI28769639).

The freight is included in the prices and paid everywhere in the world. If you will for some reason return your purchase, please email, state your reason for return and we will discuss necessary arrangements together.


You can pay with Paypal with your local currency (PayPal will do currency conversion). If you would rather to user direct bank transfer, contact us for instructions.

You can use your Paypal balance or Credit/Debit cards to pay with PayPal. Paypal processes the transaction. Art Santala will not be able to see your card information (numbers, CVVs, etc).

Order confirmation

When your order has been made, you will automatically receive an order confirmation with

• payment information
• your order number
• items ordered

Shipping & Return

Which countries do we ship to?

We ship to everywhere.

How much will the delivery cost me?

Nothing. It’s free.

How long does it take normally for an order to arrive?

It varies depending on your whereabouts and delivery method suitable for the product.

What will be the shipping method?

Art Santala will choose the delivery method according to your destination. Let us know if you have preferences on transport companies or wish to fetch the item from Kangasala, Finland.

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